Why Us?


A Solid Track Record of Innovative Wins
Proven experience in developing and executing winning advocacy strategy on complex, high-stakes issues.
A Consultant Who Has Been in Your Seat
Unlike most consulting practices, I bring a unique, personal understanding of the needs, challenges and perspective of corporate clients from decades of my own corporate experience, including building internal alignment and delivering cross-functional wins.
Targeted Focus
I chose to consult in only two specialized areas, so you get the full benefit of my strengths, experience and passions. I plan my engagements carefully so that when you hire Lakewood, you work with me.
No Surprises
After experiencing “scope creep,” sticker shock and engagement bureaucracy far too often when I worked with consultants as a client, I work efficiently and effectively on a highly competitive fixed-fee basis.
Extensive Network of Advocates and Resources
I have developed, from decades of first-hand experience, an outstanding and extensive global network of advocates and resources to assist where needed to drive optimal results.


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Drawing from a 30+ year, nontraditional career as a senior corporate legal and business leader, litigator, and CPA, I started a consulting practice in 2020 focusing on two distinct and exciting areas of significant expertise. Lakewood Legal Innovation leverages my experience as a General Counsel in assessing, structuring, growing, and retaining best-in-class legal teams and legal service models to guide innovative in-house and law firm leaders and their teams. Lakewood Strategy helps clients execute high-stakes advocacy, crisis, and influencing strategy for regulatory, legislative, and competitive challenges. I committed to these areas because, when done well, I know first-hand the meaningful impact the results deliver for clients, stakeholders, customers, and teams.
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