Advocacy Strategy

Advocacy Strategy

Lakewood Strategy & Consulting was formed in 2020 by Tamara Meyer after a diverse 30+ year corporate and legal career serving in senior leadership roles in both public and private companies, primarily during times of industry change and challenge.  In addition to leading sophisticated corporate legal teams, Tammy formed and managed global public affairs / policy advocacy and government relations / lobbying functions and served as a C-suite leader driving a strategic company transformation.  She has extensive corporate crisis and incident management skills as a leader on cross-functional Crisis Management teams.

Tammy is a change agent whose passion and skill in strategy, advocacy and delivering optimal business results, often under intense regulatory and competitive pressures, brings a unique focus to her approach.  She has sat in the same seat as her clients, charged with delivering business wins, while building strategy support from board level down and ensuring flawless execution.  Tammy is highly effective at relationship building and maintenance, always with integrity, credibility, trust, and a strong focus on your reputational protection.  Her training as a litigator allows her to quickly grasp all sides of an issue, and to think multidimensionally about winning strategy development and potential challenges / counterarguments.

She has successfully managed companies through federal and state government inquiries, hearings and approvals, including the passage of the Affordable Care Act, staved off regulation of advertising of food to children by coalescing the industry around a self-regulatory program, led product recall strategy, and led company efforts to both implement and defend against legislative and administrative policy changes on a wide range of issues.  She has represented companies before Congress, agencies (e.g., FDA, FTC, CSPC, CDC) and global institutions and NGOs including the WHO and the EU.  Tammy also has an extensive global network of experts and influencers.

Drawing from this experience, Lakewood focuses on strategy consulting for clients facing complex regulatory, political or industry issues, as well as those seeking to drive affirmative change through advocacy.  We can lead your team through any or all of the following:

  • Crisis and Incident Management, Communications and Reputation Restoration
  • Issue Analysis and Strategy Development (from all sides of the issue)
  • Industry / Competitive / Regulatory / Political Review
  • Position Statement Preparation
  • Influencing / Lobbying / Advocacy Planning and Execution
  • Internal and External Resource Planning
  • Corporate Transformations and Initiatives (including positioning on M&A approvals and messaging, litigation PR strategy, scale-for-sale transformations and other major corporate events)


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Drawing from a 30+ year, nontraditional career as a senior corporate legal and business leader, litigator, and CPA, I started a consulting practice in 2020 focusing on two distinct and exciting areas of significant expertise. Lakewood Legal Innovation leverages my experience as a General Counsel in assessing, structuring, growing, and retaining best-in-class legal teams and legal service models to guide innovative in-house and law firm leaders and their teams. Lakewood Strategy helps clients execute high-stakes advocacy, crisis, and influencing strategy for regulatory, legislative, and competitive challenges. I committed to these areas because, when done well, I know first-hand the meaningful impact the results deliver for clients, stakeholders, customers, and teams.
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